The following Comenity LLC (dba Alliance Data, “Alliance Data”) products, services, or offerings (“Offerings”) are protected by patents in the U.S.

This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. §287(a).

The following list of Alliance Data’s Offerings may not be all inclusive, and other Alliance Data Offerings not listed here may be protected by one or more patents. Other patents pending.
Patent Title / US Patent Number
Interactive voice response quick credit system and associated methods / 7,505,938
Displaying an animated digital watermark / 9,147,152
Drivers license look-up / 9,256,866
Displaying an animated digital watermark / 9,489,614
Method for displaying items on a 3-D shape / 9,704,192
Method and medium for recommending a personalized ensemble / 9,710,841
Sharing an ensemble of items / 9,953,357
Mobile credit acquistion /  U.S. Patent No. 10,169,775
Displaying an electronic product page responsive to scanning a retail item / U.S. Patent No.  10,204,368
Collecting and analyzing data from a mobile device / U.S. Patent Number 10,157,397
Providing Mobile Loyalty Services Via A Single Native Mobile Application / US Patent 10,304,075
Geofencing Messaging System / US Patent 10,292,008
Determining Preferences of an Ensemble of Items / US Patent Number 10,354,311
Drivers License Parser / US Patent 10,380,619      
Collecting and Analyzing Data For Targeted Offers  / US Patent 10,423,976           
Enhancing Revenue by Driving Credit Account Purchases Through a Single Native Mobile Application / US Patent 10,430,820
Geo-Filtering Consumer  / US Patent 10,460,335
Displaying an Electronic Product Page Responsive To Scanning a Retail Item  / US Patent 10,467,672
Punchcard Check-In System / US Patent 10,572,891
Custom Communication Generator / US Patent 10,726,425
Providing Biometric Security for Mobile Loyalty Services Via A Native Mobile Application / US Patent 10,783,542